The project SMEntorEGE aims to provide mentoring and coaching services to two different target groups of SMEs with the objective of increasing and accelerating the economic returns from innovation.

The project has two main target groups:

  • SMEs with real potential for international growth via product/process/service/business model innovation but who lack the knowledge, skills or ability to manage innovation activities as a result of lack of offers and guidance.
  • SMEs who are the beneficiaries of “SME Instrument” participating either in Phase I or Phase II of the project, but who need technical support and coaching in innovation management to enhance successful exploitation of the project and its contribution to the companies’ growth.

Therefore, specific objectives of SMentorEGE are:

1) To enhance the innovation management capacity of regional SMEs by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of innovation processes,

2) To identify bottlenecks to the creation of economic impact in companies benefitting from Horizon2020’s SME instrument,

3) To exploit the regional expertise to tailor the existing assessment tools for enhancing the innovation management capacity of Regional SMEs and improving them by allowing for cultural and regional differences,

4) To improve the existing skills related to innovation management and innovation and management consulting within the EBIC-Ege Consortium and within the region,

5) To exploit and disseminate the project results (including management of IPR), to leverage partnerships to connect them with relevant advice, to communicate the project, and to manage research data where relevant,

6) To further enhance to contribution of EEN in the regional innovation ecosystem by providing concrete success stories for the implementation of good innovation support tools and practices developed and supported at EU level.


Serkan Yalcin